The Inclusion Projects Bureau is an institution dependent on the Inclusion, Equality and Coexistence Service of the Department of Education of the Government of Navarra, aimed at promoting and sustaining inclusive education in schools in Navarra.

Its lines of action include:

  1. The proposal, dissemination and evaluation of innovation and research programs related to attending to the diversity of students and the type of necessary support.
  2. Plan and carry out action proposals in schools to improve the educational inclusion of all students
  3. Advice, training and support for schools in attending to the diversity of students.
  4. The planning and management of educational and human resources, together with the financial aid that the Department allocates to students, centers and families in need
  5. Coordination of criteria and intervention guidelines for teachers and other professionals for personalized attention to students.

Where is the Inclusion Projects Bureau?

Department of Education
C/ Santo Domingo S/N
31001 Pamplona – Navarra –

TEL 848 426 500
FAX 848 426 052

Project Partner Teams

Pamplona CREENA   •   Modena   •   Vilela