What is CREENA?

The Navarra Specific Education Resource Center (CREENA) is an agency under the Department of Education. It is constituted as a specialized structure to support the educational system, which organizes and coordinates everything related to specific educational needs, to contribute to the better integration of students into the educational system.

Consistent with the educational principles of standardization and inclusion, its specialized and extraordinary intervention, aimed at all components of the educational community (teachers, students and families), is governed by the criteria of “complementarity” and “subsidiarity”, and their actions, in all cases, must be formative and empowering of the autonomy of ordinary resources.

Where is CREENA?

Navarra Specific Education Resource Center
C/ Tajonar, 14B
31006 Pamplona – Navarra –


TEL 848 431 230
FAX 848 431 250