The Istituto Comprensivo 1 of Modena (from now on referred to as IC1 Modena) was born after the Reorganization plan approved by the administrative government Regione Emilia Romagna for school year 2014-2015.

It is situated in the north-west area of the town and is structured in four different buildings: a primary school and a middle school in the Madonnina borough, and three more primary schools, one in Cittanova, another one in Villanova, and one more in the peripheral and industrial borough called Sacca. Our school is the educational and cultural reference point for the territory, and its goal is to provide for the students’ educational needs: a big part of them are foreigners (199 are of foreign origin and 136 were born in Modena by foreign parents); in addition there is a significant socio-cultural disadvantaged minority (nomads from various ethnic groups), while all the students need to improve their competencies to be ready to face the complexity of today’s knowledge society.

Then there are more than 100 teachers and 8 janitors. In the middle school there are 425 students (88 are foreigners and 22 are disabled), 50 teachers and 6 janitors. The IC1 has got an administrative office with a director and 6 assistants. Each school has got a gym, a computer lab, a language lab, a science lab, a library, while only two schools have got a theatre. In some rooms there are interactive whiteboards and some rooms are suitable for activities with disabled students; finally, in primary schools there are canteens.

Since in our territory there are many migrant communities, our school has always welcomed such diversities, developing throughout the years some precise protocols and good inclusive practices: literacy and improvement courses of Italian as a second language thanks to courses, workshops and projects during school time for students who are not Italian citizens or students who don’t speak Italian. Moreover, a two-weeks course is held every year in June, at the end of the lessons, to increase the learning of Italian as a second language, both as linguistic detailed study and as first literacy for the students who will attend the school in the following year.

In the school there are specific functional roles teachers and commissions to promote inclusion of foreign students and students with disabilities, dyslexia and special needs, so that each and every teacher can ask advice to be able to develop the potential resources of each student, and facilitate his/her success.

In the area where our school is different cultural agencies and authorities (such as sports centers and libraries) have been consolidated for a long time as youth meeting points, organizing different events for them. Our school has got an agreement with the Memo center (Educational Multicenter Modena Sergio Neri) for teacher trainings; there are agreements with the socio-psycho pedagogical high school ‘Sigonio’ in Modena for high school apprenticeships.

We have been collaborating for about two years with the center ‘Europe Direct’ in Modena, where we have presented a European